The Atheismist



In my debates with atheists, a recurring theme and a trend gaining momentum is the notion that atheism is not a belief that there is no God but a lack of belief in God. The goal of the atheist is to position themselves in a debate to have the upper hand by claiming they have no beliefs and are therefore not liable for anything. Touche, atheist, touche. However, we can differentiate between this definition of an atheist and an atheist that specifically has beliefs about atheism. What kinds of beliefs about atheism? Almost any, and here are some common one’s that I’ve come across in my debates with atheists on Instagram, Twitter and now Facebook.

  • “Atheism is a conclusion”
  • “Atheism is true” or any positive assertion about atheism.
  • “Atheism is science and science is atheism” and statements like this linking atheism to science.

Here are two examples. The first an atheist on Instagram who vehemently asserts atheism and science are the same thing:


And the American Atheist’s homepage that states, regarding an upcoming convention,

Speakers will cover a broad range of topics…but we will pay particular attention to the intersection of the sciences and atheism”.

You can see this statement in the screenshot below. Why does atheism, supposedly only a lack of belief, all of a sudden now have an intersection with “the sciences”? Here’s why. The atheist has decided to associate anything positive they possibly could with atheism and then hide behind the “definition of atheism” when disassociating or positioning themselves to remain on the offense.



For these kinds of atheists, I propose a new term: atheismist. An atheismist is an atheist that has any type of positive belief about atheism or negative belief about theism. They also typically  associate or correlate atheism with anything positive. What does emerge mentality about atheism is a body of popular beliefs atheismists have. Which is what I focus on debunking. If atheists feel they can hide behind a definition of atheism, they shouldn’t be spared on the beliefs they have about atheism.

Till next time, tootle loo.