Independent criticism of atheism


Prove it.

There’s no atheismist that can survive these two words. Atheismists would have you believe they own and have a monopoly on these two words as they run amok across the Interwebs demanding proof for things. However, I’ve found that asking atheismists for proofs for a great many of their claims really ends up putting them in a bind. Atheismists carry a large number of myths, rumors and fallacies.  It is always a joy to see an atheismists reaction to “prove it”. Many atheists look appalled and shocked, as if asking an atheismist for proof is audacious, arrogant and condescending act, something beneath them. Other atheismists exasperatedly claim it is ironic that I’m asking them for proof. Only a few will take up the challenge. But most all will fail to prove much of the claims they make.

“Most scientists are atheists”

Prove it.

And they still can’t.

This is why is about one thing and one thing only: The independent criticism, critique and questioning of atheism, its logical implications and questions, the history of atheism and the violence it has unleashed, and the common and popular myths and fallacies atheismists peddle and perpetuate. Atheism can and should be criticized without the fallacious atheismist narrative that it can only be criticized in the context of the presentation of proof of God. No, it doesn’t and there’s nothing an atheismist can say that needs to change that. It is entirely legitimate and acceptable that we criticize atheism for what it is and not feel obligated to place us at the feet of an atheismist, presenting evidence in hopes of gaining some sense of acceptance. Those days are over, atheismist.