Alec V. Fox – The Privilege To Insult

Instagram Debunk

It is not a surprise to many people that atheists enjoy roving around the Interwebs and attacking others. This is all too commonplace on not only the Web but social media platforms like Instagram. Also not a surprise is the idea that atheists are up in arms when insulted back. They demand answers to their questions in hopes of maintaining you in position to be attacked and if you perchance insult them back then whoa boy are you a deflector and hypocrite.

What IS new however is the disassociative behavior where they insult and then claim that they don’t. Below is one example of an atheist, Alexander V. Fox, a 17-year old intern at a NYC hospital (as he openly brags about being) claiming at one point in time to never have insulted us, while we can find ample examples unprovoked vile insults from him.

In the image below, the top comment is from Alexander claiming he never insulted. The comment below is from much earlier via a DM where he is spewing vile insults. Disassociative much?


He is certainly not the only, it is by the hundreds that do this. He is just the most recent and one of the most blatant examples. Even while he is claiming to never have insulted he insults. Do you think people like this will be healthy members in society?