Swiss Atheists

Instagram Debunk

The Swiss pride themselves in being neutral. This means that they don’t take sides in any issue or debate. This is central to their foreign policy and was codified in 1907 at the Hague Conventions. This neutrality is not a statute or law but is part of the national ethos. So should we expect from Swiss atheists? No less, we’d expect.

Enter the picture @swiss.atheists.  A secret chat group dedicated to attacking AiD was infiltrated and @swiss.atheists was present in the chat with extremely biased positions. Not knowing that we had infiltrated the secret chat, when confronted his/her response was the below:

First @swiss.atheists denied being involved in the chat and invoked the national pride in neutrality. It was time to call him / her to task:

And the response was to admit participation in the secret chat but deny any bias. As we’ll see shortly, bias was heavy in that secret chat:

It’s debunking time. Rummaging through the chat we can find heavily biased statements. It’s one thing to assume atheists have higher IQs, it’s another to then conclude theists are dumb. But we have exactly that from@swiss.atheists where he bashes others and calls them dumb. One would think holding the view that most theists are dumb is really not neutral. We also know that IQ as a measure of intelligence has long been debunked. You can have a high IQ and contribute nothing to society and have no empathy or no emotional intelligence (EQ).


We also find the following statement from an agent of “neutrality” in the same secret chat group:

Where’s the neutrality? It’s out the window. Neutrality would demand that you not take a side. In fact, if atheism was truly a lack of belief such a chat group dedicated to the demise of AiD need not even exist. But alas, AiD lives rent free in their heads.