Alec V. Fox: Anatomy of an Atheist Extortion Gone Wrong


Update 2:

Alec V Fox seems to be a 17-year or 18-year old from New Providence High School The principal of the school is Lauren Zirpoli. A directory here of the teachers doesn’t list Lauren’s contact info but this is something she definitely should know about!

Update 1:

Turns out @eating.beans15 and Alec V Fox are the same persons!

Original Story:

It doesn’t get any better than this. A group of self-righteous, pompous and angry atheists, declaring themselves to be the beacons of ethics, the moral elite, carrying contempt for all that are beneath them, find themselves attempting to commit extortion. That’s correct – the criminal variety of extortion. Real money, real demands. Here’s the play by play with screenshots.

First, because so many atheists seem to not understand what it is, let’s define extortion. As per Merriam-Webster:

ex tor tion – The practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

What was the threat? To continue to reveal personal information or have people visit my place of residence unless $2,000 was sent over.

I played along. Once they realized it, they scattered like roaches when the lights suddenly went on.

It all begins with user @eating.beans15 (User name has changed since this episode), claiming that they’ve doxxed me and informing Alexander Fox who goes by the name Alec V. Fox or Alec Fox, supposedly an intern at some NY hospital, about it. To the untrained eye, it looks like lots of contact information.

Photo Nov 18, 2 36 37 PM

Anyone with any clue about technology would know that there is no personal information in the first doxx attempt, it is an attempt to display the whois info of a domain that has been veiled with privacy and a proxy registrant. Alexander, the apparent ringleader, quickly realizes its not good information and they both dump that data but continue to pursue to try to identify me.

Several hours later, they claim to have more information. They claim to have my IP address and phone numbers. The demand? Delete the @atheism_is_dead_official Instagram page. Interested in knowing what they’ve got I give them permission (which I rescinded later) to display my private information.

Photo Nov 18, 9 19 08 PM

So they then post the info (below). And as expected, they’ve got the wrong info. At this point, I am not sure how they got this information or how this person has become affiliated (if you’re reading this Matthew, email us! and we’re sorry for all this!).

Photo Nov 18, 11 29 11 PM masked

What do you call people who so stubbornly believe something is true when it is clearly false? Atheists. So we decided to play along. The weaker we pretended to be the more emboldened they became.

“Aw, you could get hurt!” – Alexander Fox

Even telling them exposing that information could get me hurt got me nowhere. They relished in the idea that I was exposed and that physical harm could come to me. That’s when they decided to ask for money, thinking they had me cornered. Perfect.

What a sicko. And atheists are the bad guys?! – Kelsey Cardinal, one of the extortionists according to Alexander

In meantime, Kelsey Cardinal (Instagram @kelseyac91) gets involved and started to pounce on the person she thought was me, hurling personal insults. She went in deep.

To see who else is involved, I ask a bunch of them if they are aware of the financial demand being made. Instagram @bad_boy_atheist and Kelsey Cardinal claim they are aware of the extortion.

Notice the @eating.beans15 demand that I ask God to delete the comments. Spoiler: The comments do get deleted by @eating.beans15 himself. What they seem to fail to understand is that I can easily delete the entire thread myself if I chose to. By asking them to delete it, I was appeasing to their egos and there is no better way to trip up an atheist than fondle with his ego because that is the root epistemology of their belief system.

In meantime, in DMs, a price is being negotiated. I tried to bait them pretending I understood it to be $20,000 instead of $2,000 to see if they would ante up, but they seemed to have missed that opportunity. Here’s what’s happening in DM at around the same time:

I’ll make sure Kelsey doesn’t either – Alexander

At this point, Alexander seems to implicate Kelsey’s involvement. It will be from her PayPal account that a request for the money will be made. I still have the transaction ID from that request which can be used to trace the source origin. Here is Alexander now speaking on behalf of Kelsey for the money and how it should be transferred. They had no clue what they were doing.

First off, I demand $1.25K – Alexander

Eventually we get a PayPal request for $1,250. In order to spread the request, I force them to resend it to multiple destinations by pretending I’ve been receiving multiple requests from potentially multiple parties.

Here’s the PayPal request.

Photo Nov 19, 1 48 39 AM

The transaction ID for the request is

Transaction ID: U-5RC76796BG153035C

Money requests are sent to multiple email accounts across state lines, to multiple parties.

Now it’s time to bring atheists back to reality and inform them of their handiwork.

First, I break off negotiations.

Photo Nov 19, 1 59 06 AM

That’s when it hit them that they are in trouble. For good measure, I let them know what crime they’ve just committed. Within seconds they deleted their accounts and scurried off.

Photo Nov 19, 2 18 21 AM

Also my prayers were answered. The comments the atheists asked me to pray have deleted got deleted. By them 🙂

Photo Nov 19, 2 07 06 AM