The Miseducation of Alec V. Fox


TEINFF, aka,

aka Alec V. Fox
aka Alexander V. Fox
aka midget Alec
aka Midj
aka Dicklicker

Already caught for selling sexual services online and extortion under several Instagram accounts. His email address is (his iPhone was hacked and rooted, thanks to hacker @TCN)

is a kid based in New Jersey and New Providence High School revealed his inability to understand basic concepts.


One of the basic concepts TEINFF cannot grasp is the relatively simple concept of extortion.

When offered $30 for free, TEINFF responded it was extortion. Unfortunately, offering money to someone for free can never be extortion. It is only the demand of money, with some type of menacing threat that is extortion. Given that TEINFF had just lost his job and wanted money, we offered $30 with no strings attached. TEINFF normally sells blowjobs for $150 (see screenshot below) and must be desperate for cash.

Not only does TEINFF not understand that being offered free money is not extortion, he also doesn’t understand that Venmo,  a company owned by PayPal and an app that works just like PayPal has nothing to do with bank information. Asking for someone’s Venmo is like asking for someone’s email address. If I asked for you for your email address and offered you $30 you have the right to refuse it. In most cases you’d accept.

Another atheist not knowing what he’s talking about. Should have taken the $30. Caught.

TEINFF offering blowjob services for cash to other boys.