Obsessive Stalker Atheists


The United Atheitardom of Instagram came together once again in a secret chat to plan, plot and spend week after week analyzing, dissecting, sniffing each others butts and obsessing over the AiD Instagram page. That secret chat with dozens and dozens of atheists in it was infiltrated and a full video of the entire chat log is now available and will be posted shortly. It shows a deep obsession. Not only is AiD living rent free in their heads, they’ve handed over ownership to it.

Below are some select screenshots from the secret chat log showing the utter desperation and obsession atheists, claiming to have a lack of belief, loaded up with anger, contempt, hate of freedom of speech. Let me be clear, not all atheists in the chat were in support of the anti-AiD cult. Atheists like @_debateme_ are far more level headed.


Plans A, B and C… through Z.


More planning, baiting…


How to win a debate with AiD? Trickery. The only option left.


Tracking every post we make.

What we learn from these chats is that atheist will use fake accounts and pretend to be theists, females etc. and work their way in to gain information advantage, especially around the identity of AiD. Despite these attempts, a large number of honeypots were setup way in advance that push atheists towards the wrong conclusions.


A fake AiD clone page using fake Instagram accounts pretending to be a theist or female. Old tactic and we let him bait us and feed false information.


Alec pretending to be a girl and selling sexual services to @guccijuan and us.


@_debate_me talking some sense.


More discussion around strategy. New scrub atheists have not been in this neck of the woods and are easy pickins. Respect to debate me for rising above it.

Special thanks to TCN (you know who you are) for your work over the years in doxing, honeypots, IP spoofing, telephony hacks, kernel rooting and generating the video of the chat.